More than seventy years of professional experience are represented among upper management and the service staff at Liquid Solutions. We’re here to Help!

Brett Cottel - Owner/General Manager

Brett Cottel "Raised in the central valley, I am certainly aware of the decreasing quality of our water supplies and I am uniquely experienced in resolving these problems. As the Licensed Contractor and Certified Treatment Operator for Liquid Solutions, I can address any problem water issues you could possibly encounter including staining of plumbing fixtures, hard water deposits, nitrates or arsenic in drinking water all the way up to small and medium public water systems used by schools, churches, and large business.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me directly."
(209) 523-5921 extension 201.

Gary Hanks - Director of Marketing

"I am granddad, a professional photographer and I place and engineer Christian music for several church organizations.

Although I have an MBA degree with minors in Chemistry and Economics my expertise in water treatment is a result of extensive experience and specialized education in the industry since 1983. I'm dedicated to staying abreast of the most cost-effective, cutting edge technology in the industry... and offering honest, ethical interaction with each & every customer."

Sabrina Carvajal - Office Manager/ Installation

"My name is Sabrina. I am the office manager and I love my job.

I enjoy educating the public about the different equipment we can provide to families for safer drinking water.

Please call me if you have any questions about water and how I can help you."

(209) 523-5921 etx 200

Linda Olguin - Service Coordinator

"HI, I am the Service coordinator for Liquid Solutions Inc. My job is to ensure your equipment is performing to factory specifications at all times. Proper maintenance is essential for the optimal performance of all water conditioning equipment. Look for my friendly reminder postcards or telephone messages for your specific maintenance requirements."

Dennis Sweet - Sales Representative

"My name is Dennis Sweet. I have been in the water treatment business for over 25 years here in the Central Valley, CA. Our exclusive 5 stage water conditioner is unique to all other systems. If you have any questions, feel free to call me directly at (209) 595-0323"