"After spending a fortune with two other companies, Liquid Solutions designed a water treatment system for our terrible water that actually works! Thank You."

~ Derreck Sammons. Sammons River Resort. Lodi, CA

"We are elated with all aspects of this amazing water system. Soft, fresh smelling laundry, pure drinking water, and clean bathrooms. We even have friends that come over just to take a shower."

~ Jaime & Rocio Valencia. Tracy, CA

"I find that I do not have problems with my skin and no longer need to use the prescription creams I have for so long. My body doesn't itch or flake and neither does my face or scalp. Liquid Solutions has made a big, big difference in our lives and my husband & I would like to thank you. To write all the wonderful things about it would take a book."

~ Anita Omega. Inverness Hotel & Golf Club. Inverness, CA

"We have sought out a whole house purification system for more than a decade. We now truly believe we have found the best solution. . . Liquid Solutions."

~ Cedric & Cherrone Peterson. Orangevale, CA

"Finally, a professional that understands the water problems faced by Valley Dairies. I'm thrilled with the equipment AND the service."

~ Matt Yelland, Vierra Farms. Stockton, CA

"We can't say enough about the Liquid Solutions gang. They take such good care of us."

~ Darren & Samara Kimp. Modesto, CA